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The Bubbly Buggy Brew

Does kombucha heal what ails?



Guest: Hannah Crum President, Kombucha Brewers International, Author: The Big Book of Kombucha

It is an interesting paradox: For a processed food to have shelf life, it must have no life. And so most of the packaged foods we eat are, essentially, dead.

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio - Can Kombucha cure what ails?

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Can Kombucha cure what ails?

Then along comes this bubbly buggy brew called, among many other things, “kombucha.” I discovered kombucha one day when the refrigerator ran out of beer.

“What’s this?” I asked?

“Kombucha!” replied the daughter. “Its full of bugs. You’ll love it!”

Upon opening the bottle, I heard the gentle hissing of bubbles rushing to find their way free…. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The taste I found to be crisp, sweet, tart and incredibly refreshing.

The daughter has since moved on in life, but the refrigerator still contains her kombucha. She was right. I do love it. Still, I wonder…

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#1 Agriculture is the foundation upon which we build all our sand castles.

#2 The farther we go from the source of our food, the less control we have over what's in that food.

#3 Cheap food isn't!

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