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Michael Olson, Author & Urban Farming Agriculturalist

Green-Gold Landrush

What is the Value of Cannabis Farmland?

Would you bet the farm on commercial cannabis?



Guest: Chuck Allen, Agriculture Real Estate Specialist

Before the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, cannabis was grown out in the open in farmlands throughout the United States. The plant was, in most all respects, a strategic national asset, as its fibers were used for many purposes.

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Cannabis Farmland and the Green-Gold Land Rush

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Cannabis Farmland and the Green-Gold Land Rush

After 1937, the plant was forced into hiding in the deep forests of the nation’s backcountry, and more recently, under the high-voltage lights of basements, garages and warehouses. No longer a strategic asset, the plant was forced to yield an intoxicant, a very potent intoxicant.

Now states across the United States are, in direct contravention to the Single Convention Treating, pulling the plant back into the sunshine of legality.

The effort to legalize the illegal crop, and the prospect of selling it for thousands of dollars per pound, are precipitating a green-gold land rush across the United States.

And so we ask…

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