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Michael Olson – Syndicated Broadcaster, Agriculturalist, Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant

Reach an audience of dedicated food and agriculture enthusiasts hungry for your products and services with a category-exclusive national sponsorship of Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio Show.

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio

“I heard your ad on Food Chain Radio!”

• There are only six category-exclusive national sponsorships available on Food Chain Radio.

• Food Chain Radio has over 900 weeks of ratings leadership and is the winner of California’s “Broadcast Show of the Year” award.


    • • Food Chain Radio reaches an audience of well-educated, thoughtful adults across the United States on commercial radio stations and around the world via the internet.


The Food Chain features guests and stories that capture and hold listeners’ attention without offending political sensibilities.  Reach this audience of intelligent, decision-making adults while it is thinking and speak to them about the benefits of your products and services.  

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