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Will you buy the glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, or will you boycott?

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Ben & Jerry’s was the first ice creamery to ban bovine growth hormone
 (BHG), and from that statement of principal, went on to become famous
 for making political correctness central to its corporate ethos.
 Imagine the surprise, then, when the Organic Consumers Association 
tested Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for glyphosate, and found the weed-killer in 10 of 11 samples.

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Glyphosate in Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

The glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream raises questions we would 
like you to answer:

Question 1: Is glyphosate safe to eat?

Those who manufacture glyphosate, including the Monsanto
 Corporation, numerous academics and the federal government say, “Yes,
 glyphosate is safe to eat.”

Consumer groups, like the Organic Consumers Association, numerous
 academics, and the World Health Organization, say, “No, glyphosate is
 not safe to eat.” (The WHO, in fact, has labeled glyphosate a “probable 
cause of cancer in humans.”)

That so much of our food now contains glyphosate, and that it has been 
found in 97% of the human blood in a sample testing by the University
of San Francisco, leads us to ask you…
 Do you think glyphosate safe to eat?

Question 2: Is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Natural?

Ben & Jerry’s, which is now owned by the Unilever Corporation, labels
 its ice cream as “Natural”.

The Organic Consumers Association says the ice cream can’t be natural
 because the cows were fed genetically-engineered corn, which is not natural at all.

That so many of our commercial foods are now manufactured from 
crops that have been genetically re-engineered leads us to ask you…
 Are genetically-engineered food crops “natural?”

Question 3: Will you buy the glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, 
or will you boycott?

Few food companies have done more to promote the correct way of 
being a good corporate citizen then the ice creamery started by Ben 
Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in a Vermont garage.

Think docile jersey cows grazing peacefully on the lush green grass of
 Vermont pastures. Then dig into a pint of Cherry Garcia, and think well
 of yourself for being such a good hunter!

But the reality is cows are being fed corn genetically-engineered to
 withstand the weed-killer glyphosate, which then goes into the milk, and into
 the ice cream, and into your body. You may or may not be harmed.  And so we ask you…

Leave a comment below:  Will you buy Ben and Jerry’s, or will you boycott?

Tune in here, for the syndicated the Michael Olson Food Chain Radio Show #1114  August 5, 2017 Saturday 9AM Pacific

Nationally syndicated Food Chain Radio airs live Saturday mornings 9-10AM Pacific

Nationally syndicated Food Chain Radio airs live Saturday mornings 9-10AM Pacific.

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  1. Elisa Pardo says:

    Hi! Here’s the book you need to get that exposes the undeniable problems with GMO crops and Roundup, and why the combo is even worse. ***The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry, MD.*** It is about 3 months old. The author is giving lots of interviews lately. Briefly, two points: 1) Lectins are plant proteins in common foods that cause inflammation in our bodies, and many resulting serious health problems. When GMO crops are created, people often insert a gene for a natural pesticide, and guess what, that gene codes for an especially harmful lectin. Lectins are previously unrecognized human health saboteurs. 2) Glyphosate was thought to be pure genius because it shuts down a metabolic pathway that humans don’t have, but insects do; they assumed it couldn’t hurt people. However, we depend on a multitude of friendly bacteria in our guts to be healthy, and these good bugs have that pathway and are harmed by glyphosate residues. Finally, the combination of the inserted lectin and glyphosate residues is a double whammy because they act together to create holes in our intestinal lining. That condition is a cause of many health problems, as you can well imagine. Monsanto is going to get bitten in the behind because of all these unintended consequences, and Europe had it right to ban GMOs and Roundup.

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