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Earn a five, six, or seven figure income by farming in or near the city for the city.

Selecting a crop is the most important decision in farming.  MetroFarm Associates will help you decide which crops to grow by assessing the potential of your farm site.With decades of experience in agriculture and business, Michael Olson and associates have seen many times, in many ways, and in many places, what can be farmed for profit, and what can’t be farmed for profit.   Their experience and know-how can help you…

MetroFarm Associates Site Assessment Service

Your MetroFarm Associates Site Assessment consists of the following elements:

      • An evaluation of your site’s personal, environmental, and geographical assets & liabilities.

     • A suggestion for crops to consider, including high-risk / high return, medium risk / medium return, and low-risk / low return crops.

     • A recommendation for courses of action, including what to learn; who to meet; and what to plan.
Site Assessment Agreement

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     (1) Sign and Return the Site Assessment Agreement.  Upon receipt of the Agreement, a site survey will be emailed to you and a complimentary copy of MetroFarm: The Guide to Growing for Profit In or Near the City will be mailed to you.

     (2)  Fill out your Site Survey and return via email, fax, or mail.

     (3)  Within 10 working days of receiving your Site Survey, MetroFarm Associates will send you a written Site Assessment.


Saved me a million!  “I was planning a major investment in my property but got to thinking I should get a second opinion before I spent the money.   Being a fan of Michael Olson’s book and radio show, I called on him.  We walked the land one day, I told him what I was thinking, and we talked.  Finally, he asked, “Do you want to invest in an Ethel Jean?”  When he explained what an Ethel Jean was, it all clicked, and I realized he had just saved me a million dollars!”   Dr. T.L.  Aptos, CA 


Business Development

Developing the Right Strategy             (How can I compete with them?)

Writing the Business Plan                    (Do the numbers work?)

Selecting the Right Enterprise             (Which crop should I grow?)

Assuming Ownership                            (Should I bring in a partner?)

Managing the Business                        (How do I release employees?)

Sustaining the Business                       (How do I keep it going?)

Developing a Succession Plan           (How do I move to the next step?)


Production System Design and Implementation

Establishing a Design                   (How can I grow a lot with a little?)

Evaluating Land                             (What can this parcel grow?)

Controlling Land                            (Do I have to buy land to farm?)

Building Soil                                  (How can I increase is fertility?)

Estimating Water                          (Will there be enough?)

Controlling Pests                          (What can be done about them?)

Forcing Growth                             (How can I get more?)

Scheduling Crops                        (Can I grow another crop as well?)


Market Development

Planning the Harvest                           (What if it rains?)

Processing to Add Value                    (How can I increase value?)

Developing a Marketing Plan             (Where should I take this crop?)

Building a Brand                                   (How can my product stand out?)

Surveying the Market                           (Who will pay the most?)

Become a Price Maker                        (How can I take control of pricing?)

Protecting the Position                        (How can I protect my brand?)

Developing Sales                                (Where can we sell more?)

Keeping Customers Happy                (How can I get them to return?)


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