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Urban Farming Consultant – Save Time and Money!

When you have trouble seeing the forest for the trees, call for a fresh and objective perspective from Michael Olson and the experts of MetroFarm Associates.  They will save you time and money by helping you find real answers for your difficult questions.

Michael Olson Urban Farming Consultant


Michael Olson has been consulting for specialty agriculture projects –big and small – around the world for over three decades.  His consultations

include the development of a vineyard in Oregon, the commercialization of herbs

wild-crafted in the Amazon basin, the redevelopment of an agricultural plateau on the island nation of Cyprus, and metropolitan farms everywhere.


Michael Olson: Agriculturalist, Author, Consultant

During your initial free consultation, Michael Olson will review your objectives, skill set, and resources.  From this consultation, he will develop and recommend a specific course of action for your consideration.


Business Development

Developing the Right Strategy            (How can I compete with them?)

Writing the Business Plan                   (Do the numbers work?)

Selecting the Right Enterprise            (Which crop should I grow?)

Assuming Ownership                         (Should I bring in a partner?)

Managing the Business                      (How do I release employees?)

Sustaining the Business                     (How do I keep it going?)

Developing a Succession Plan           (How do I move to the next step?)


Production System Design and Implementation

Establishing a Design                   (How can I grow a lot with a little?)

Evaluating Land                            (What can this parcel grow?)

Controlling Land                           (Do I have to buy land to farm?)

Building Soil                                 (How can I increase is fertility?)

Estimating Water                          (Will there be enough?)

Controlling Pests                          (What can be done about them?)

Forcing Growth                             (How can I get more?)

Scheduling Crops                         (Can I grow another crop as well?)


Market Development

Planning the Harvest                           (What if it rains?)

Processing to Add Value                     (How can I increase value?)

Developing a Marketing Plan              (Where should I take this crop?)

Building a Brand                                  (How can my product stand out?)

Surveying the Market                          (Who will pay the most?)

Become a Price Maker                        (How can I take control of pricing?)

Protecting the Position                        (How can I protect my brand?)

Developing Sales                                (Where can we sell more?)

Keeping Customers Happy                 (How can I get them to return?)



Each specialty agriculture project is unique.  Consultations will be crafted to satisfy the unique requirements of your project. Basic consultation fees are as follows:


••••• Initial 30-minute consultation:             No Charge

••••• Hourly consultation rate:                     Upon Request


Request a Consultation

Michael Olson is available for consultation via telephone, electronic mail, or when and where appropriate, in person.

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