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Sowing Cannabis normalica

What will we reap when we sow Cannabis normalica?

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What will we reap when we sow Cannabis normalica?

 All of the Above  A Plenitude of New Agricultural Commodities  A Plethora of Mental Defaults  A Pleasant Recreation


  54%    16%    1%    25%  


Guest:  Erik Altieri, Communications Director, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) 

We have not seen “normal” since the United States outlawed the plant genus Cannabis in 1937, and then sealed the deal by talking the world’s other governments into signing the Single Convention Treaty of 1961.

In doing so, the United States made a plant that was thoroughly normal  throughout the world into a plant that was not only abnormal, but also illegal, thus leaving the entire world in a state of “reefer madness.” 

Sinsemilla Technique

Sinsemilla Technique


But wait, that plant the United States made illegal throughout the world is now a legal recreation– at least sort of– in two states, a medicine in 20 states, and was declared to be less-dangerous-than-booze by the former Choom Ganger now President Barack Obama…

No matter how we look at Cannabis, it appears as though the plant is now on its way to becoming normal, in the country that made it abnormal.  This very interesting state of affairs leads us to ask…

What will we reap when we sow Cannabis normalica?

Tune in here, for the syndicated Food Chain Radio Show #953 Live on January 25, 2014 Saturday 9AM Pacific 

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