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Food Science – Why We Eat What We Eat

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Guest: Neuroscientist Rachel Herz, PhD, Author of Why You Eat What You Eat

To keep on the move, we must keep shoveling fuel into that burner in our belly. And so we eat, and eat and eat! But some among us pause on occasion to wonder at all the eating we do. And for them we pause to ask….

Why do we eat what we eat?

For a moment– just a moment– think of the human body as a coal-burning locomotive…

If you want that locomotive to pull a train of cars laden with passengers and freight, you must shovel coal into the burner, and keep shoveling coal into the burner, until you get the train to your destination….

The shoveling is something you must do… You have no choice in the matter… and so you shovel, and shovel and shovel without thought… because, really, there is nothing much to think about!

This shoveling without thought is, in many respects, how so many of us lead our lives…

But wait… Maybe there is something to think about… Maybe the fuel we shovel into that burner in our bellies affects the performance of our bodies, and how we move through our lives…

If such is the case, perhaps we should pause and ask…why do you eat what you eat?

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Tune in here, for the syndicated the Michael Olson Food Chain Radio Show #1137 February 10, 2018 Saturday 9AM Pacific


Nationally syndicated Food Chain Radio airs live Saturday mornings 9-10AM Pacific

Nationally syndicated Food Chain Radio airs live Saturday mornings 9-10AM Pacific.

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