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EcoFarm Conference

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Guests: Deborah Yashar, Thomas Wittman & Sam Earnshaw Ecological Farming Foundation

Winter is the time to tell stories, make plans and sort seeds. And that is exactly what farmers do when attending one of the many farm conferences that take place around the nation.

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – EcoFarmers Conference – Can Ecological Farming feed the world’s hungry?

Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – EcoFarm Conference – Can Ecological Farming feed the world’s hungry?

One such conference, EcoFarm, brings together like minded ecofarmers from around the world to the beaches of Pacific Grove, California, where they share ideas, make new acquaintances, tell tall tales, learn new technologies, eat local foods, consume local drinks and dance into the night.

Each farm conference I have attended is made unique by its core mission, and by the people attracted to that mission.

The EcoFarm Conference mission is to propagate ecological agriculture, and it can, with good cause, lay claim to being one of the originators of what came to be known as “organic” farming.

But that organic birthing took place years ago, and the multi-billion dollar industry spawned has grown up into the mainstream of food and agriculture, leaving the ecofarmers to tend the eco farm.

That so many remain true to the vision of an ecological agriculture leads us to ask of them...

Leave a comment below: Can ecofarmers grow enough food to feed the world’s hungry?

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